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How to treat baby eczema?

20% of the world's adorable babies suffer from eczema, and it is sad to see them suffering from such persistent skin conditions. Fortunately, many babies outgrow eczema, but it is sad to say that there is no cure for baby eczema.

However, baby eczema can be treated. Most treatment includes managing the baby’s dry skin and preventing their skin from flaring up. It also includes reducing inflammation and itchiness.

It is suggested that you avoid giving your babies long baths in hot water. Instead, you should use lukewarm water or cool water for around 5-10 minutes. Avoid rubbing your baby’s skin with rough towels or washcloths, which can worsen your baby’s eczema. We do not need soap when bathing our baby, but when washing sweaty areas like armpits, neck, and those fat rolls, you can use a gentle cleanser that is gentle to the baby's delicate skin. When drying your baby, you should also pat their skin dry instead of wiping their skin. Remember to apply moisturizer immediately because it can lock in moisture.

Try to stop your baby from scratching because it can make the area inflamed and cause infections. It is essential to make sure that your baby’s nails are short and, if possible, provide your baby with cotton gloves to wear, especially at night. Try to keep your baby cool because sweat can also worsen eczema by leaving a salty residue and irritating the skin.

Avoid things that can worsen baby eczemas like rough material clothes and scented products. Things like dust mites, pollens, smoke, pet danders, and hormones can also trigger baby eczema making this condition difficult to manage.

In our next article, we will dive into various aspects of managing baby eczema. So stay tuned.


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