Skincare essentials

There are three most important aspects of daily skincare, UV protection, skin hydration, and skin cleansing. If you do not have any skin conditions, simple yet effective skincare routine will keep your skin smooth and healthy.

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UV Protection

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Skin Hydration


Skin Cleansing


Excessive UV exposure may lead to skin cancer. Wear protective gear and sunscreen when you are doing any outdoor activities. SPF values is an indicator of UVB protection. At a value of SPF 30, it provides over 96% UVB protection.  Therefore, SPF 100 may sound that it offers much more protection than SPF 30, it simply is not the case. A good sunscreen also need to provide broadspectrum protection. Natural mineral (ZnO is a better choice) based sunscreens will achieve this. More scientific studies have shown that wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation are directly connected with UV ray damages. So wearing sunscreen should be an essential part of daily skin care routine.  

All skin types, not just dry skin need skin hydration. An effective moisturizer should hydrate skin by replenishing water to the skin.  There are moisturizers that appear to be "thick creams", but this term does not imply they are effective. A thick cream might be greasy and clog your pores.  Thick creams with petrolatum may be contaminated with health concerning petro-chemicals.


A petrolatum-free, non greasy moisturizer would be ideal. A simple test would be to apply a thin layer of moisturizer on a small area of face, if in an hour or so, you feel that there is nothing there, it's probably not a good moisturizer!


LEMYKA therapy moisturizers such as our healing lotion, hydrating cream and calming cream keep skin hydrated for a long time based on our advanced formula.

A cleanser should remove dirt, extra grease, bacteria, dead skin cells,  but not an excessive amount of natural lipids that are crucial part of the skin barrier. A harsh cleanser may lead to dry, dull looking skin, and worse, it may even cause flaking, itching, and irritation. So go with a hypoallergenic cleanser for the best results. 

Besides the three key factors mentioned above, certain nutrients add benefits to keep skin healthy. For example, vitamin C, E, B complex, A & K, minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc, and potent anti-oxidants from plants may help further in combating UV damages, maintain skin moisture.