Putting sunscreen on kids can be tricky. They don't stand still, the sunscreen can be too greasy and messy, and on top of that, most of the kids can't stand the smell of most sunscreens.


LEMYKA ZnO sunscreen is designed to make mom's job much easier. This lotion-like, fragrance-free sunscreen offers broadspectrum SPF 30+ protection.  It goes on skin easily, and does not leave white residue.

This product contains no chemical filters, parabens, or any harsh chemicals. It is gentle on even the most delicate skin.

Enjoy its sun protection hassle free!

ZnO Baby Mineral Sunscreen | Non-whitening & Non-greasy | LEMYKA


Unscrew the cap, peel off the foil before squeezing. Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen on face, neck, hands, forearms, and anywhere on the body that will be exposed to the sunlight. Apply the sunscreen again after two hours being in the direct sunlight.