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What you need to know about hand eczema

Hand eczema is also called hand dermatitis. It is becoming more prevalent worldwide. According to the journal Dermaitits, an article titled "Impact of Atopic Dermatitis and Chronic Hand Eczema on Quality of Life" in 2020, 20% of the population in developed countries is now affected.

Hand eczema is not contagious but tends to be chronic (two-thirds of hand eczema sufferers developed into chronic hand eczema), and the symptoms may last more than 10 years. Interestingly, certain professions such as barbers, hairdressers, cleaning, and healthcare workers are more prone to this persistent condition. Genetic, contact irritants and or allergens, as well as stress, affect hand eczema.

Chronic hand eczema has a significant negative impact on the physical, social, and psychological health-related quality of life of patients. How does it impact your daily life? Comment below and share your experience with us.

What are some of the common triggers of hand eczema? Certain materials or substances such as alcohols (ethanol is at least 60% in most hand sanitizers!), bleach, and dyes (hair colors as a good example) may irritate hands and lead to flareups, whereas other things such as perfume, certain preservatives in foods, shampoos, and washes sensitize the skin and lead to allergic reactions. Avoid being in contact with skin irritants or skin sensitizers are crucial for those suffering from hand eczema.

So where can you find these chemicals? Hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, or spray (hair spray, sunscreen spray contain alcohols. You guess it right! Don't spray on sunscreen right next to your BBQ! It is highly inflammable! Even toners may contain alcohol. So instead of hydrating your skin, toners may dry, or irritates your skin! Be sure to read the label of these products. There are alcohol-free alternatives. Many cosmetics contain dyes, harsh solvents, and surfactants that are known skin irritants. Although perfumes do not irritate the skin, they are known as skin sensitizers and make skin more prone to allergic reactions.

Which skincare products you use may have a profound impact on your skin condition and your skin health. At LEMYKA, we strongly believe that skincare products need to be created with the SKIN in mind. Our team of scientists has over a decade of experience in skin research. We turn natural and pure ingredients into powerful products that do wonders for your skin. Our hand eczema cream not only soothes itching and irritation but also helps to restore the skin barrier that prevents flareups from contact irritants and allergens

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Stay tuned to learn more about hand eczema and how to effectively manage it.


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