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TIPS: How to select an eczema shampoo for sensitive, itchy scalp

There are so many eczema shampoos on the market that it may be hard to decipher which one to choose. Here are some of our tips of things to look for when choosing out your shampoo.

Fragrance Free

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), people should “choose fragrance-free rather than unscented products.” While something is unscented, it does not necessarily mean there are no fragrances included. For a refresher, refer to our Why Fragrance Free? Article on why it is so important that no fragrances are included. LEMYKA intentionally chooses to make most of our products fragrance-free because of the toxins and bad side effects of using fragrances on the skin.

Avoid Long Bubble Baths

Additionally, on top of using fragrance free shampoos for babies with itchy, sensitive, and eczema scalp, the AAD recommends parents to avoid giving their children long bubble baths. It is definitely important to give your children frequent baths, but not for an extended period of time.

Natural Moisturizer

Something else to look for is natural ingredients such as plant-based shampoo to combat eczema or dermatitis. The Mayo Clinic recommends constant application of aloe vera which is found as one of the first ingredients in our gentle hair and body wash.

Soothing the Scalp

Lastly, the Mayo Clinic recommends applying natural oil on the scalp in order to “soften and remove scales from your hair. Our gentle hair and body wash does utilize argan oil in its formula which is a natural skin emollient and moisturizer. By softening the skin on the scalp for an hour to three hours, parents should comb through the hair in order to remove any dead skin on the scalp. This leaves the scalp clean and dead-skin free. In addition, applying our healing lotion after shampooing the head will help soothe the scalp.

Try out our gentle shampoo and hair wash on our shop page for an eczema free scalp!


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