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Why Fragrance Free?

Everyone loves a good vanilla or candy scented lip product or perfume, but why are many people leaning towards choosing fragrance free skin care products? At LEMYKA we also specifically highlight the fact that most of our products are fragrance free. So why is the fact that our products fragrance free so important for your skin care or the skin care of your children and family?

According to PubMed, though having fragrance in products elicit a positive reaction in most people, products with synthetic fragrances “induce skin sensitization” and can cause “allergic contact dermatitis.” These terms specifically detail the fact that the frequent use of products with fragrance can cause your skin to become increasingly sensitive with each additional use. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services define skin sensitizers as “substances with the potential to cause allergic contact dermatitis” which is inflammation on your skin that leads to rashes and itchiness. Therefore, mothers must be extra cautious on the kinds of products that they expose their babies to at a young age. However we have only barely scratched the surface of the dangers of fragrances. There are many other potential toxicities in fragrances and harmful side effects that scientists are still looking into.

Especially for people who already have problem skin, fragrances can further aggravate current skin conditions. However, there are countless fragrances in products that most consumers are unaware of because there are only 26 fragrances legally required “to be declared in cosmetics'' (PubMed). Since companies know that the average consumer will not research each individual ingredient before buying a product, they can easily get away with using damaging chemicals and fragrances. Therefore at LEMYKA, we aim to use as few unknown ingredients as possible and ensure that customers are well informed on why we use certain ingredients in our products. Additionally, LEMYKA understands the importance of pleasant smelling products, and therefore we do utilize many natural ingredients that have natural aromatics such as calendula and chamomile.

From head to toe, a fragrance free body care and facial skincare routine would be ideal for everyone with all skin types—especially those with sensitive skin. Head on over to our website and try our Daily Body Care Basic Bundle and subscribe for a 6% discount!

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