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Sensitive Skin? Meet your Perfect Facial Cleanser!

If you are someone who struggles with sensitive skin, finding a good facial cleanser that won’t irritate your skin can be a pain. You want to make sure that products you look at are free from harsh ingredients. Products with ingredients such as panthenol or aloe vera are good ones to consider. Check out our latest blog post on the top 4 ingredients to look out for in a gentle cleanser

A great face wash for sensitive skin we recommend is LEMYKA's face wash. This cleanser is made up of plant derived, gentle ingredients to ensure your skin gets thoroughly cleaned while not stripping the skin. This creamy, foamy product is so gentle, you could use it on babies worry-free. It contains ingredients such as algae, aloe vera, Geranium flower oil, and Calendula officinalis extract which work together to help calm and relieve irritated skin. It is absent from fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, and GMOs. 

girl holding up lemyka's ultra gentle facial cleanser


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