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Protect Your Skin Against the Summer Heat!

Two children putting sunscreen on each other’s faces. Photo from

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and people are going out again to enjoy what the world has to offer. Whether it be swimming at the beach, going on a hike, or running some errands, the bright light and heat from the sun can be intense. Putting on sunscreen everyday is crucial in ensuring healthy skin.

Sunscreen is the most important part of your skincare routine. Our skin works to protect us from the outside environment including temperature. The sun has harmful UV rays that can harm the skin which may lead to dark spots, wrinkles, inflammation, and even skin cancer. People often forget to apply sunscreen, but it will protect and maintain healthy skin in the long run and prevent multiple issues.

There are two different types of sunscreen that the market provides today: Chemical and Physical (also known as mineral). Both use different ingredients to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Especially those with sensitive skin, finding the right sunscreen can be a whole game-changer.

Chemical sunscreens absorb the sun rays to where it never touches the skin. Active ingredients include oxybenzone, avobenzone, and octisalate. They are often sheer which leaves your skin with no white-cast or residue and can be easy to apply and absorb. Physical (or mineral) sunscreens act as a barrier that reflects the sun’s rays away from the skin. Active ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It is best for sensitive and acne-prone skin and uses more natural ingredients.

Overall, when choosing the sunscreen best fit for your sensitive skin, choose:

  • An SPF of 30 or higher to ensure high sun protection

  • Fragrance-free to avoid irritation

  • Non-comedogenic to prevent clogged pores and acne

Here at LEMYKA, we create all our products with your skin in mind.. The FDA has proven natural mineral zinc oxide as the only UV active ingredient that is safe for babies older than 6 months, and our ZnO Sunscreen and UV Shield Moisturizer is formulated especially for just that reason. The ZnO Sunscreen gets rid of that strong sunscreen smell and greasiness that you may be familiar with. It is designed to make a parent’s job easier with a lotion-like texture that applies on the skin easily without leaving any white residue. The UV Shield Moisturizer is a mineral sun lotion that contains 21% of zinc oxide, making it one of the highest ZnO-containing sunscreens on the market. This sun lotion is light-weight, breathable, non-greasy, and involves no white-cast.

Both products are fragrance-free and contain no harsh chemicals or parabens. LEMYKA sunscreens are best for eczema, rosacea, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. Protect your skin from sun damage in the long term. For any specific skin concerns, or if you develop any reaction to a sunscreen, consult with a dermatologist.

Young girl (left) and young boy with LEMYKA ZnO Sunscreen. Image from

What other practices do you do for sun protection? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram @lemykaskincare! View all our products here to find the solution for your skin in mind.


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