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How To Manage Your Baby’s Drool Rash

newborn baby drool rash dry skin

If your baby is entering the teething stage, and you may find excessive drooling on their skin that results in a rash on the mouth, chin, and neck. This condition is known as drool rash and is one of the most common conditions in babies starting at three months old.

Drool rash appears when drool trickles down the baby’s skin, and when the saliva lingers for a long period of time, it can trigger an irritating reaction. Symptoms include red bumps and dry skin. Most often, drool rash comes from babies teething where they frequently drool and constantly have their mouth wet. Symptoms can also arise due to prolonged use of pacifiers.

baby redness itchy drool dermatitis inflammation

How to Prevent Drool Rash:

Babies' drools can be very difficult to control when they happen. Always keep a soft burp cloth handy to wipe away any immediate drool from your baby’s mouth during teething, meals, and naps. Make sure the cloth is dry, and clean, then pat gently to safely remove saliva without irritating the skin even more. Provide extra protection by giving your baby a bib to catch the saliva falling down to their shirt. Lastly, do not wait too long to clean the drool; it could already be too late, and symptoms may start forming.

How to Treat Drool Rash:

It is most common to treat drool rash at home using a soft cloth with warm water and patting it on your child’s skin. Keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry is the best way to immediately treat the inflammation. For even more effective ways to calm your baby’s drool rash, apply a therapy cream like our Healing Cream and Hydrating Cream will help soothe, minimize, and hydrate your baby’s skin. Our Healing Cream is perfect for drool rash as it was formulated specifically for rashes from eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and drool rash.

Notice the effects of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, and vitamin E to relieve itching, and inflammation, and restore healthy skin. Similarly, our Hydrating Cream is best for dry skin and restores hydration to your baby’s skin. This cream is a 3-in-1 product that involves a natural moisturizer, barrier cream, and itch relief therapy to calm down drool rash, eczema, or any form of dry, itchy skin. LEMYKA is proud to formulate safe and effective science-backed solutions with your skin in mind. All our products are natural, paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, and hypoallergenic. We want what’s best for your baby.

hydrating nourishing healing soothe lemyka baby

What has been most effective for you in treating your baby’s drool rash? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram @lemykaskincare! View all our products here to find the solution for your skin in mind.


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