Finding the right baby eczema cream can be a daunting task! If you have a newborn, infant suffer from eczema, drool rash, or extremely dry, itchy skin, we suggest you to look for a gentle and natural eczema remedy first.  Using a strong moisturizer that soothes and repairs skin barrier, and identifying the possible triggers are the first steps towards skin healing, especially for the little ones!


This is why LEMYKA team of expert created a safe and effective baby eczema cream for the most delicate skin.  Our hydrating cream is based on LEMYKA innovative technologies.


It is different from many petrolatum (white petroleum jelly) based products on the market– it combines 3 products into 1: An intense natural moisturizer that holds moisture in the skin for up to 48 hrs, a natural barrier cream for babies that fends off environmental irritants and bacteria, and a powerful itch relief eczema therapy cream that calms down redness and inflammation with nature's best: aloe vera, calendula, and green tea extract.