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Can Rosacea on the Face be Cured?

woman with rosacea face, looking in a mirror

If you are someone struggling with red patches, inflammation, and/or bumps on the face, chances are you are grappling with rosacea. It is a common skin condition, affecting an estimated 5% of the world’s population, predominantly among people with fair skin. At first, redness associated with rosacea may fade and reappear periodically, but over time, the redness usually stays and becomes more noticeable. It can even lead to dilated blood vessels, facial swelling, thickened skin with enlarged pores, and even eye inflammation.

If this is you, you may be looking for remedies to cure your skin before it gets to this point. While rosacea is chronic, it can be effectively managed through a combination of lifestyle changes, certain skin care or cosmetics, and in extreme cases, medical rosacea treatment. 

First and foremost, those who have this condition should be aware of their rosacea triggers. Check out our blog post titled, “Beyond the Blush: Navigating Triggers and Treatment Options for Rosacea” to learn about the possible triggers connected to rosacea. 

Studies have shown that frequent cleansing and constantly rotating cleansers are positively correlated with rosacea face. That is why dermatologists encourage patients with rosacea to practice gentle skin care, as well as because their skin is sensitive and can be easily irritated. There should be moderation in cleansing and moisturizing, and sunscreen should never be forgotten. 

LEMYKA Natural Face Wash: Daily cleansing leaves a silky-smooth, hydrated finish. Calms down red, irritated skin without stripping moisture.

A great option for a facial cleanser is LEMYKA Natural Face Wash! It is a foaming, oil-free cleanser that effectively cleanses the skin and preserves its barrier, without irritating or stripping the skin of its moisture. It is safe to use twice a day, even for sensitive skin. Learn more on what to look out for when looking for a facial cleanser by visiting our blog post, “Top 4 Ingredients to Look Out for in a Gentle Facial Cleanser”. 

It's important to use lukewarm water on the face to prevent any vascular reactions. Also, avoid rubbing your face with a towel while drying as well as peeling and blood-flow stimulating products. A lot of anti-aging products promote blood-flow stimulation, so try to steer clear of them. Mineral oils should be avoided as well, as it can lead to the worsening of the complexion. Remember to follow up with moisturizer after cleansing to maintain skin hydration!

Those with rosacea should also apply sunscreen daily, as UV radiation is another big and common trigger. If you will be outside all day, lean towards sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays, and aim for an SPF of 30 or higher.

A general, good rule to follow is the ABC rule:

  • A - avoid the sun

  • B - blanket unprotected body parts

  • C - apply sun protection cream 

LEMYKA is dedicated to helping you and your little ones combat rosacea effectively. Our products are designed to help reduce rosacea symptoms, offering redness relief from this troublesome skin condition. 


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