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A few tips on how to manage drool rash

Drooling is very common among babies 2-3 months old. It can last till baby reaches one and a half year old. It could happen whether or not they are teething, which is when their teeth start to break through their gums. A baby’s saliva glands start working around 2-3 months of age, and it can be very difficult to keep them from drooling. Other common reasons for drooling are their limited ability to swallow, lack of front teeth, and tendency to keep their mouth open.

Having saliva consistently on the baby’s mouth and cheeks, chin, neck, or chest can often lead to red patches, and cause irritation on the skin that is commonly known as drool rash or teething rash. Drool rash can be identified by flat or raised patches on the skin with small red bumps or chapped skin, and they can be painful and uncomfortable for the child. It usually will stop anywhere around 15 to 18 months of age. Drool rash is not contagious nor linked to any underlying medical conditions, however it is important to take measures in order to minimize your baby’s pain and avoid future rashes from forming.

In order to manage drool rash, you must do the best job you can at removing any drool from your baby’s skin. Make sure to keep a soft cloth on hand and routinely wipe away any drool on the face and body especially during feeding time. When you wipe, make sure you use gentle pressure to avoid further irritating the skin. You can also keep a bib on your baby if their shirt tends to get damp from drool. If this happens, the shirt can chaff against your baby’s chest and cause a rash, so a bib will help to keep their clothes dry. While the rash is present, make sure to get rid of any other irritants that could be worsening symptoms. For example, make sure to use a fragrance free laundry detergent on both you and your baby’s clothes and sheets. Avoid any use of perfumes or scented lotions as well.

Keeping the affected areas clean from food and dirt is also important in preventing a rash. Use a mild cleanser one to two times daily on problematic areas. LEMYKA Shampoo and Wash is an effective product that will clean baby’s skin without causing further irritation or dryness. Use this product on your baby in the bath to remove any oil, food, or dirt while keeping skin comfortable and hydrated. After washing, immediately apply a moisturizer or therapy cream to the rashes.

If the drool rash starts to itch, it is important to cover your baby's hands with soft, cotton mittens and clip their nails. The mittens will help to prevent their little fingers from scratching the affected area.

LEMYKA offers a series of baby therapy lotions that relieve irritated skin from drool rash. Our Hydrating Cream and Healing Lotion all are formulated with natural ingredients that work to stop itching and irritation. Both are great moisturizers for dry, raw skin. Antioxidants in our drool rash creams help to reduce inflammation. Use one of these products or combine them together for optimal results.

Usually drool rash will go away on its own or with the help of these remedies. However if the rash is persistent for weeks or starts to crack and gets infected, please consult your pediatrician for further guidance.


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