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Why We Should Start Keeping Tea Around The House

Nothing sounds better than drinking hot green tea while being sick or during your afternoon break. Tea is not only for drinking, but it is so beneficial for our skin. We already know that drinking green tea can help boost your immune system and fight off inflammation. What most people don't know is that green tea extract for our skin can help skin build natural moisture, fight acne, and reduce inflammation on your face.

Drinking green tea will definitely help your body improve internally and externally, but there are ways to take it to the next step to help your skin be in the best shape using tea. One easy way is by brewing your green tea then once it cools down, you can put it in a spray bottle and spray on your face. After spraying, let it sit for about 10-20 minutes then rinse your face. Green tea helps brighten your face as well as creating long-lasting hydration. Another way is brewing the tea and pour some in a small cup, and dabbing on your face with a towel. You can also mix the tea with honey or aloe vera for a thicker texture and even more moisturization for your skin

Grab yourself a green tea extract, and treat yourself with an easy at-home spa treatment. Try this out for your skin!

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