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What is sunflower oil?

One of the best natural remedies for eczema and dry itchy skin is already in your cabinet. Besides being a necessity for healthy cooking, sunflower oil is just one of the many natural ingredients you will see on some cosmetic ingredients lists and provides numerous skin benefits. While aloe vera is extracted from leaves, sunflower oil comes from seeds and is made by pressing.

Sunflower oil contains many properties that benefit the skin. Oleic acid locks moisture into your skin. Linoleic acid also helps make the skin barrier stronger so it can keep water in and harmful irritants out. It also contains vitamin E which helps to counter sun damage on your skin. Sesamol, essentially sesame oil, is ideal for acne prone skin and acne scarring. Combined, these ingredients make sunflower oil ideal and non-irritating for all skin types of skin; oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and mature skin. It doesn’t clog pores yet is highly absorbent.

Sunflower oil is so gentle that it can be applied directly to your skin to help fight wrinkles. When applying directly to your skin, use a cotton pad to pat it on. Applying sunflower oil for dry skin topically also helps with acne moisturizing. Using sunflower oil as your go-to skin moisturizer allows the antioxidants and vitamins to regenerate your skin while it fights acne-causing bacteria.

Because of sunflower oil’s hydrating abilities and skin nutrition, it is ideal for those with eczema-prone skin and is a key ingredient in natural cream for eczema. Sunflower oil for eczema is so soothing yet works hard to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Ineffective skin barriers allow eczema triggers and allergens to enter the skin easily and cause further irritation which is a key problem in baby eczema and for those with itchy skin. Sunflower oil provides itch relief for eczema, soothes eczema, and acts as a skin emollient. Next time you experience a flare-up, or even before, look for eczema creams with sunflower oil for skin and natural cream with sunflower oil to manage and prevent flare-ups.


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