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What are the common causes of hand eczema?

Hand eczema is characterized by dry, thick, scaly hands that often have deep painful cracks that can lead to bleeding. Though some people might think they just have severely dry hands, hand eczema is much more severe and needs extra care and treatment than just a good moisturizer. It causes extremely dry skin with red patches, itching or burning sensations, blisters, and bleeding.

To first begin healing hand eczema, try to identify what is causing the condition. People who wash their hands very frequently, such as hair stylists, chefs, medical workers, and cleaners are susceptible to hand eczema are the constant washing and soap easily creates an environment for dry skin. Products that are absorbed topically such as chemicals, detergents, solvents, and cement that some individuals work with can also be a major cause for hand eczema.

Allergic reactions can be the culprit of hand eczema as well. This can be caused by ingesting food allergens such as gluten, dairy, fish, tree nuts, and soy. It can also be an allergic reaction to certain materials such as latex gloves, or a strong reaction to a product that contains irritants such as a fragranced lotion or soap. Knowing what causes your hand eczema can help you to take the necessary measures and precautions in preventing future flare ups from occurring.

In order to manage your hand eczema, find a mild, natural hand wash and an irritant free lotion to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. LEMYKA Shampoo and wash can be used as a gentle cleaner for the hands that is pH balanced, so it won’t dry out your skin. Our body milk is also a great daily hand moisturizer to use in between washes to ensure moisture is locked into the skin, without leaving the hands feeling greasy. Both of these products are free of any harsh chemicals, irritants, or dyes to ensure that your eczema won’t flare up or worsen.

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