The Real Reason We Are Thankful

Time goes by so fast. Kids grow up quicker than ever. It seems like everyone is getting busier every year. As parents, our schedule seems to be filled with our career, making sure our kids are going to school, feeding the family, and yet we get so caught up in the moment. With everything we have been through, sometimes we forget to be thankful for what we have in front of us, the big things and the little things in life.

After a rough couple years, we start to realize how thankful we are for our family, our home, and everything we care about in life. Thankful for our good health and being able to create memories with our family and friends. Thankful for being able to provide care and love for our loved ones. Thankful for being able to do things that we love. Although we know that in our minds, we should start spreading the love to the people in our lives. Show them how much we appreciate them. Because without our family and friends, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving.