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The Best Face Wash for Sensitive skin

Searching for an gentle cleanser that is safe for ACNE and ECZEMA prone skin? Discovering a plant-based facial cleanser that is effective without irritating your skin can be quite challenging. Cleansing reagent such as sodium lauryl sulfate is widely used in face wash, shampoo, and baby body wash. It is a known skin irritant. There are other chemicals such as formaldehyde releasing preservatives, fragrances commonly used in the wash as well. Some are known skin sensitizers. It means that even though it does not irritate skin right away, with time, it will make skin more sensitive and more prone to allergic reactions.

LEMYKA’s hypoallergenic cleanser creates a creamy foam using natural plant-based ingredients. Our cleanser contains ingredients such as pro vitamin B5, algae, and aloe vera to help clean and sooth the skin. All of our products are free of steroids and harsh chemicals making this cleanser safe for BABIES as well.


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