Sit Back, Relax, and Have a Spa Day...with your Kids!

It's starting to get super chilly these days, which means it's starting to get harder to do activities outside. There are limited indoor activities to do with our kids, especially since kids get tired of things easily. It's also difficult with all the new technology in our world for our kids to get their eyes out of the screen. Consider having a spa day with your kids! A super easy, fun self care day with your kiddos! It's a great way to bond with your kids as well as take care of your body and skin.

Here are some things to do during your relaxing at-home spa day:

  • Creating your own face mask: There are so many different types of face masks to make at home! It's super easy and don't need a lot of ingredients. For example, you can make an avocado mask with just avocado, honey and vinegar. It is so great for your skin and easy!

  • At-home pedicure: Soak your feet in a hot tub with bubbles, bath salts, or essential oils. You're also more than welcome to do the optional pedicure as well if you have nail polish around.

  • Hot bath/shower: Who doesn't love a bubble bath? Sit back and relax in a nice hot bath. Put in some essential oils for the nice aroma in the room. The kids would also love the bubbles!

We love a day filled with self care and entertainment! Try a spa day at your home one of these cold days when it is too miserable to step outside. It's fun for the moms and the kids!