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Seeing Acne on Your Young Children? Here's How to Help

Most people experience acne when they hit puberty, typically around the ages of 11-14. However, everyone's skin is different. The early stage of acne is surprisingly common in children, even as young as seven years old. We know what you're years old? How can you improve your kids' acne? Do young kids really need all these different ointments, face scrubs, and skincare routines?

Now maintaining a complete skincare routine for your kids might be a little tricky to do every day. Most acne products might not be the best for young children's skin as their skin is more sensitive, and their skin might need a little more time to mature before using certain products.

Here are ways to improve their skin to start off:

  • Washing their face twice a day with soap: It is important to get all the dirt that has been accumulating. Use a gentle cleanser and gently wash your kid's face twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed.

  • Apply moisturizer: Specifically, use moisturizers that are simple and non-comedogenic, meaning a product that will not block out the pores. If acne is a little more severe, you may also ask your dermatologist and see what they recommend as they might suggest specific antibiotics.

  • Avoid touching the acne: As hard as it is, touching the acne will lead to the acne staying longer or even getting bigger. Picking at acne can possibly lead to acne scars, so warn your children against irritating their skin.

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