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Is your sunscreen eczema friendly?

People with eczema are more vulnerable to the damaging effects of sun rays, which makes it even more important for those to find a sunscreen that works well with their skin. Common concerns with sunscreens are they may have harsh chemicals that could lead to more itching and irritation among eczema sufferers; they may also contain fragrances that trigger sensitive skin to flare up.

A mineral-based sunscreen is preferable for those with eczema compared to a chemical based product, particularly for children and teens. Chemical based sunscreens contain hormone disruptors and need further safety evaluation.  Mineral based sunscreens that contain zinc oxide may reduce inflammation and bacteria infection. The key issue with mineral based sunscreens is that they are often too greasy, leaving sticky, messy residue on top of the skin. Greasy sunscreens will easily clog pores, leading to acne and build up on the face. 

LEMYKA’s Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen focuses on a gentle non-greasy formula with non-nano zinc oxide. It offers broad spectrum protection with SPF 30, and is perfect for daily use. Our soothing lotion-like formula is ideal for both eczema-prone and acne-prone skin. It goes on smoothly without leaving a white residue, making it much easier to apply on kids. It won’t sting or burn because it only uses gentle ingredients without any harsh chemicals.

When applying any sunscreen for the first time, test it on a small patch of skin at first to confirm there are no allergic reactions. After testing the product, apply liberally to the body, making sure to not miss any of those hard to reach spots! You can use sunscreen even during an eczema flare up without worrying of worsening symptoms.


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