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Is Eczema Contagious?

Some of you may be wondering “Is eczema contagious?”

The answer is NO, you can’t “catch” eczema from someone else. Eczema is not a contagious skin condition so you can’t spread it to other people. While the exact cause of it is unknown, it is likely due to a combination of genes and environmental triggers. Your immune system becomes “switched on” by an irritant which causes skin cells to react strangely. 

However, your condition may spread to other parts of your own body. It may start on your hands or your cheeks and then spread to other areas. This might happen if you scratch often leading to raw and irritated skin where an infection can then occur and further spread. It can also happen when eczema triggers such as food allergies, stress, and skincare products are present and allow it to spread easily throughout the body.

Understand and listen to your body. Pay attention and make notes as to where your eczema starts and how it continues to develop. Keeping track of these details can help you inform your doctor of your condition and monitor its progress. Finally, learn about your eczema triggers and sensitivities to control flare ups and severe symptoms to the best of your ability. Topical products will provide skin aid and relief, but it is necessary to pay attention to identify the root of the problem. 


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