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Home remedies for managing rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition where the skin becomes red and itchy with small bumps. The face can show blushing with blood vessels; many get confused for acne. Other symptoms include burning, dry skin, or broken blood vessels. There is no cure, but consistent treatment can help ease and reduce the risk of flare-ups. This condition usually lasts weeks to months and can come back unexpectedly.

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There is still no known cause to rosacea, but it commonly arose due to genetics, the environment, or the immune system. This condition is not contagious. Common flare-ups come due to hot or spicy foods, alcohol, temperature, the sun, stress, harsh cosmetic products, and even exercise. Anyone at any age can develop rosacea, and there are many ways to help treat it.

Some simple tips from dermatologists for those struggling:

  1. Cleanse the face gently twice a day to remove dirt and debris.

  2. Moisturize daily with a gentle, natural cream to revive and relive the skin.

  3. Wear sunscreen! Protect the skin every time your foot steps out the door.

  4. Choose fragrance-free, paraben-free, and rosacea-friendly products.

  5. Always test a product before applying full on.

  6. Avoid physical scrubbing or irritation. Know what works for your skin.

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Our Healing Lotion is specially formulated to help ease symptoms of rosacea, face rashes, cuts, and burns. Cleanse and cool down the skin with a washcloth and our Gentle Cleanser perfect for rosacea and sensitive skin before treating your skin with the lotion for optimal results. Especially since COVID-19, the face can get easily irritated due to masks. Our Healing Lotion is incredibly effective for calming and minimizing the irritated skin. With the perfect pair like our cleanser and healing cream, say farewell to rosacea and other sensitive skin conditions that affect your daily life.

How do you calm rosacea naturally? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram @lemykaskincare! View all our products here to find the solution for your skin in mind.


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