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How to manage intense itching

Intense itching. Many of us have been there. Whether from a mosquito bite or a skin condition, no one can deny the extreme discomfort itchy skin brings. The worst part? The more you itch the worse it becomes. Constant scratching may lead to damaged skin and infection.

Some itches don’t go away overnight. Those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and hives know the feeling of persistent itching. Itches that last for weeks turn chronic. Fortunately there are natural remedies for eczema and chronic itches. To soothe the skin, apply a wet compress to the irritated areas or use other cooling agents. Moisturizing your skin is crucial. Choose a skin moisturizer or skin emollient free of additives, fragrances, perfumes and dyes like LEMYKA’s natural creams for itchy skin. It provides intense itch relief for eczema and rebuilds skin nutrition. Itching your already broken and irritated skin further harms it and allows more irritants to enter, leading to an infection. To avoid itching use lukewarm water when bathing and wear loose fitted clothing. Always use fragrance-free lotions, soaps and detergents to minimize irritation.

To avoid future itching, it is crucial to find the root cause. Many people who have eczema also have food allergies that may exacerbate eczema symptoms. Although everyone is different, common food allergies include cow’s milk, soy products, nuts, eggs, gluten, fish, & shellfish. For some people, an elimination diet may be appropriate to help identify potential food triggers of eczema. Keep track of medications being taken and stressors as they may be contributing as well.

You can get a prescription cream for itchy skin such as an antihistamine or a topical steroid. These topical treatments temporarily relieve your itchy skin but may not offer a permanent solution or prevent future itching.

There are also potential side effects associated with prescription medications. Topical steroid withdrawal, for example, is the reaction that long-term users of topical steroids get after they stop using the steroid product suddenly and their skin becomes addicted. Symptoms seen in TSW include painful burning, severe itches, shedding skin/desquamation, and overall discomfort. These symptoms can last up to a few weeks, some even years depending on the strength and duration of the steroid use.

LEMYKA’s natural moisturizer for itchy baby skin is an ideal cream for dry itchy skin and contains no steroids. Unlike many creams on the market that may cause burning or stinging sensation when applied to the affected area, LEMYKA therapy creams are gentle enough for eczema on the face, hands, and can be applied directly to cuts, raw-looking or cracked skin.

Our products are mom approved and perfected based on many customers’ feedback. Find out more about LEMYKA natural remedies here. Follow LEMYKA on Facebook and Instagram to join the community.


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