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How to manage heat rash

Heat rash, which is also known as prickly heat,  occurs when skin problems develop or worsen after exposure to heat or overheating. This happens when sweat glands are blocked, and sweat can not get to the surface of the skin to be evaporated. Symptoms will include rashes, itching, and inflammation on parts of the body exposed to the heat. It can also include very small bumps. Common places to get heat rashes are on the face, neck, back, abdomen, and folds of skin– as well as areas of tight clothing where air cannot circulate properly. Some people are more susceptible to developing heat rashes, specifically babies, children under the age of 4, elderly, and obese or overweight individuals. It is more common in areas with hot and humid environments which leads to more sweating. Intense exercise, especially when lots of sweating occurs, may also lead to heat rashes. 

Usually heat rash will go away on its own when the skin is no longer exposed to the sun or extreme heat. However persistent heat rash can occur, and is diagnosed by an exam of skin appearance and history of the condition. Luckily, if you experience heat rash symptoms you don’t need to go see your doctor as long as an infection has not developed. You can take measures to prevent heat rash from developing, or try a natural home remedy to help relieve the irritated skin. 

First, it is important to gently wash the affected area with a mild soap to ensure dirt, sweat, and oil is cleared off of the skin. Try to put on clothing that allows the skin to breathe when in hot environments, as well as staying hydrated throughout the day. Taking a cool shower or bath can help to quickly relieve red, inflamed, and irritated skin. You can also use a cool pack or ice pack to apply directly to the affected area. 

Find a natural topical lotion to help moisturize skin and soothe itching. LEMYKA offers several therapy creams that can help to diminish symptoms. Our Healing Lotion, Hydrating Cream, and Calming Cream are all formulas that contain moisturizing, anti-itch, and skin healing properties. Check out these  products on our website to find out more about them and how they can benefit you!


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