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How to cure baby eczema on face?

The skin on face is thinner compared to other parts of our body, therefore needs special care. Sun protection, daily cleansing and hydration are important skin care routine for face.

Things get more complicated when eczema rashes occur on the face. The persistent rash may show up on baby's forehead, cheeks, around mouth, or even around eyes. This is likely to occur for infant during the first six months after birth. Constant scratching may turn skin rough and raw. Broken skin means compromised skin barrier. It was found that eczema sufferers have high numbers of a type of bacteria called staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin infections.

Pediatricians and dermatologists recommend low dose of steroid creams, particularly the ones with low potency such as hydrocortisone for babies. Some parents are reluctant to use any steroid-containing creams for infants and babies.

After years of research, LEMYKA created a line of steroid-free topical creams for infant and baby's face eczema. These topical creams serve three functions: moisturizer, barrier cream, and itch relief cream. The triple action cream is developed based on our innovative technologies. Learn more about LEMYKA eczema therapy creams.


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