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Do you know the difference between eczema and hives?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition. Atopic dermatitis is allergic eczema that usually starts in infancy. About 10% of the eczema population have food related allergy. However, eczema can be non atopic, meaning the skin condition is not related to any allergy.

Hives is also called urticaria. It can be acute or chronic. The acute form of hives lasts about 6 weeks. Most of the acute form of urticaria is related to allergy.

Unlike eczema, food allergy can be a main cause of hives. In severe cases, hives sufferers may end up in the emergency room, where antihistmine, or immuno-suppressant medicine is given to calm down one's immune system. Hives outbreak is on the rise in the US among kids. Emergency visits due to hives outbreak have been increasing steadily. Aside from food, insect sting, drugs, heat, or exposure to sunlight can all trigger acute hives.

Chronic hives recurs over months or years. It may be related to underline diseases such as thyroid disease and may not have a known trigger.

Hives rashes appear on the skin as patches that are red, itchy, some may appear as elevated patches. They appear in varying shapes and sizes, from a few mms to several cms in diameter anywhere on the body.

Both eczema and hives can affect a large area of the skin and may lead to intense itching. LEMYKA natural therapy creams are specially designed to calm down itching from eczema horives. These creams are based on LEMYKA's advanced formula and do not contain any steroids or immuno-suppressant drugs.

Because hives is closed associated with food, it is important to focus on diet, and identify the food source that trigger hives outbreak.


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