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Daily Skincare routine for Eczema

Eczema is a complex skin condition. Maintain a healthy eczema skincare routine helps to effectively manage this persistent condition.

A daily skincare routine can make a big difference. A good skincare routine is essential for eczema sufferers because it will help to keep eczema flareups under control.

There are factors that trigger eczema flareups therefore identy the triggers and avoid them in your skincare routine is important.

Certain chemicals commonly used in skincare products like shampoo, washes, sunscreens, and moisturizers can trigger allergic reaction or a flare up. Sodium lauryl sulfate, certain preservatives such as MI and MCI, fragrances are a few examples that could irritate or sensitize the skin.

Skin hydration is another important part of daily skincare routine. Damaged skin barrier is common among eczema population. A damaged skin barrier often leads to dry skin because it does not retain moisture as well. A strong moisturizer helps the skin to prevent water loss. While petrolatum-based ointment is common known among eczema sufferers, many do not necessarily hydrate the skin. LEMYKA designed our eczema therapy eczemcreams with skin barrier in mind. LEMYKA creams hold water to the skin upto 48hrs.

Sun protection is also important. Excessive sun exposure damages the skin and exacerbates eczema. Use sunscreen when you plan on spending time outdoor. How to select a good sunscreen can be tricky. There are several factors to consider. Is the sunscreen chemical based or is it a physical sunscreen (minearl based)? Once the sunscreen is applied, does it cause irritation? Is it greasy, scented, does it offer broadspectrum protection? While SPF value is important, a SPF30 means it covers 96% of UVB, you may not need SPF 80 to get protected!

Our sweat contains salt and minerals that may irritate the skin, therefore daily cleansing is another important aspects of skincare routine. A short daily shower or a bath every 3-4 days is sufficient. Taking shower or bath for too long can do more harm to your skin.

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