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Common Food Allergies and Baby Eczema

Certain foods may lead to allergic reactions. Some of them may lead to eczema flare ups. While there are many factors contribute to eczema flare ups, food allergy can be a key trigger. Children with food allergies are more likely to have eczema and worsened eczema symptoms.

Allergic reactions occur when the immune system identifies a food as a germ and produces antibodies to combat that germ. When this antibody, more specifically histamine is produced, hives, swelling and itching may break out.

As a parent, it is of crucial importance to learn your child's allergens, ensuring their eczema does not flare up. Common eczema triggers are:

  • eggs

  • peanuts

  • cow's milk

For infants, baby formula can be of a key source of allergy and needs to be watched closely. There are hypoallergenic formula (cow's milk free) for eczema babies. There are also soy free formula in case your baby is allergic to soy. Contact us if you need additional information on baby formula. Our talented technical team will be glad to help you!


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