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Babies Struggle with Acne Too?

Newborn with baby acne on face

While one may associate acne with teenagers going through puberty, it can actually affect individuals as young as 6 weeks old. There are two types of baby acne, one of which is called Neonatal acne. This type is quite common, affecting up to 20% of infants that are younger than six weeks, and is not exactly the same as regular acne; instead, it is a reaction to a harmless yeast called Malassezia, which naturally lives on human skin as a part of the skin’s microbiome. Neonatal acne appears as red bumps on the skin

and usually goes away on its own by the time the baby is four months old -

it doesn’t need any special treatment. 

The other type of baby acne, infantile acne, looks more like regular acne, with various kinds of bumps such as blackheads, red bumps and larger pimples. There are instances where this acne can stick around for a long time, especially if the baby is growing quickly. Although not as common, infantile acne usually appears between 3 and 16 months old and can last for a year or two. Having baby acne

may indicate that the child will have worse acne when they are a teenager. It is recommended that it be treated to prevent potential scarring. 

Baby Acne can appear suddenly or develop slowly, with pimples starting as small, discolored dots on the skin before developing into raised pimples. 

toddler holding up LEMYKA Nourishing Body Milk Lotion

How Can Baby Acne be Treated?

Usually, baby acne clears up on its own without any treatment required. In the meantime, you can follow these general guidelines to care for their skin:

  • Wipe your baby’s skin gently with lukewarm water, then pat dry. Do this every other day, as too frequent cleansing could irritate the skin.

  • Don’t scrub or scratch the pimples, and don’t attempt to squeeze any whiteheads! This could increase chances of scarring. 

  • Don’t use acne medication on your baby’s skin unless their healthcare provider states otherwise, as their skin is sensitive. 

  • Apply a non-greasy, gentle cream for baby acne on their scalp, face, and body daily. 

Mother holding a happy baby

A recommended cream for baby acne is LEMYKA's Natural Gentle Body Body Milk, a hypoallergenic lotion with a soothing, silky feel designed to hydrate acne-prone skin, as we intentionally formulated it to be safe to use on baby’s delicate skin. It is infused with aloe vera for skin healing and protection, vitamin B3 to minimize scars, calendula to calm the skin, and more nourishing ingredients. If you notice your baby’s pimples are sticking around longer than expected, consult their healthcare provider!

You can find the LEMYKA cream for baby acne on our website, designed to help reduce baby acne symptoms. Our products offer relief from many troublesome skin conditions. We are dedicated to helping you and your little ones combat baby acne effectively!


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