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Are you experiencing Eczema on your Scalp?

Did you know eczema doesn't just appear on our body but our scalp? Scalp eczema causes inflamed, itchy dry skin on our scalp. This isn't your ordinary "itchy/dandruff" scalp. Scalp eczema can happen to anyone who is experiencing hormonal changes, got exposed to cold, dry air/wind, sensitive with hair dyes, or sensitive to strong scents. If the scalp eczema doesn't get treated, it can lead to infection due to natural oil and bacteria build up from our hair. There are products and ingredients to help treat scalp eczema, although if it has been infected, it is important to check with a doctor and receive antibiotics to treat the infected area.

  • Shampoo: Get yourself shampoo that is meant to heal and treat the scalp. Some shampoos dries out the scalp after wash. You can find dandruff shampoo or shampoo for super dry scalp to help treat your eczema. Try our LEMYKA Gentle Hair and Body Wash. It is a 2 in 1 product that is perfect for kids or adults experiencing eczema anywhere on their body.

  • Scalp Oil: Scalp oil is a great to moisturize your scalp. There are many different types of scalp oils whether it is for hair growth, preventing hair loss, hydrating, or stimulations. To help prevent scalp eczema, there are many types of scalp oil to help soothe and hydrate your scalp. A few key ingredients that helps hydrate your eczema are almond oil, chamomile oil, and tea tree oil.

  • Natural remedies: Sometimes home remedies are better and safer than any antibiotics or products over the counter. One home treatment for scalp eczema is to fill a popsicle mold with aloe, freeze for a few hours, and then start rubbing on your scalp. Aloe helps soothe any inflammation and irritated area. Another way is by putting organic coconut oil on your scalp. Coconut oil helps soothe and hydrate anywhere on the skin and scalp

Hope this makes your scalp eczema troubles easier to manage. Like mentioned before, if the eczema has been infected on the scalp, please check with the doctor to receive antibiotics to better treat the infection.

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