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Aloe Vera Skin Benefits

In the summertime, most know of aloe vera as the best remedy for soothing a sunburn or as the “it” word in cosmetics. However, its uses go far beyond, especially for those with eczema-prone skin. Aloe vera is the clear gel that is extracted from the spiky leaves of the succulent and is used on the skin to treat various skin conditions. Aloe vera can be taken orally in a small capsule or even in a drink. The latest trend is aloe vera juice and aloe vera water, but most commonly it is used on the skin because of its great benefits.

Aloe vera is 99.5% water, but the .5% solid portions contain 75 active nutrients and 200 compounds: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids and amino acids. The numerous vitamins and minerals act as antioxidants. The enzymes reduce severe inflammation when applied topically and help in the breakdown of fats and sugars.

More than looking pretty in a pot on your shelf or soothing a sunburn, aloe soothes skin inflammation and dry itchy skin for eczema sufferers. People with cracked, irritated skin are more prone to infections from bacteria. Aloe is known to have both antibacterial and antifungal effects. It also contains polysaccharides which aid in stimulating growth and healing to prevent an eczema flare up. This is why aloe vera is a key ingredient in LEMYKA’s hydrating eczema cream which is extra gentle for baby eczema. When applying aloe cream for eczema, be sure to use good hand wash first to ensure that your skin absorbs the most aloe vera possible. Then, apply your aloe for eczema liberally and allow it some time to soak in. It is safe to use multiple times a day. Still be sure to avoid eczema triggers when using aloe.

Aloe vera also helps other skin conditions like acne, burns, frostbite, dandruff, razor burns, and psoriasis. Most popularly, it soothes sunburns. Sunburns drain moisture from your skin. The outer layer of your skin should ideally be 20 percent to 30 percent water. Dropping below this level can leave your skin feeling flaky, dry, and irritated. Aloe vera’s high concentration of water is soothing, moisturising, and cooling to the sunburn.

Aloe is safe for babies and a promising alternative for natural remedies for eczema. It is no wonder that in Egypt aloe vera was referred to as the "plant of immortality." It was used as a part of the burial rituals because of all the restoration benefits the active ingredients provided.


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