3 Foods You Might Want To Avoid This Holiday

When you think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, what is the first thought in your head? The presents, seeing family, or the amazing food you are going to devour? There are so many exciting things happening during the holidays that it's easy to forget to take care of your skin and body. We love eating delicious feasts during the holidays, but something we don't consider is that certain foods cause breakouts on our skin.

These certain dishes might be some of our favorites foods to eat during the holidays, but maybe we should consider eating in moderation or a substitution. Here are 3 dishes to try and avoid this holiday:

  • Fried Turkey: I know turkey is the main dish for all Thanksgiving feasts. Any fried food is detrimental to your skin and diet. Eating a lot of grease can lead to pimples and age spots. Consider roasting your turkey or even eating a roasted chicken for your Thanksgiving meal.

  • Mashed potatoes: We love a creamy, buttery mashed potatoes at the dinner table. It's so hard to resist! Mashed potatoes are all about carb overload, which can cause acne and breakouts. Try a sweet potato casserole. Sweet potatoes are actually known to have powerful skin-enhancing properties to help promote new skin cell growth.

  • Eggnog: Drinking eggnog on Christmas can be a hit or miss. But if you are an Eggnog drinker, maybe drink in moderation this holiday. Eggnog consists of dairy, which contains hormones, and produces lots of oil. Drinking a lot of dairy can leave you with oily skin.

We're not saying to completely remove all of these delicious items off the dinner table this holiday. Just like anything and everything, we should eat and do things in moderation. Too much can cause issues that we definitely do not want to face later. Think about what is best for you and others this holiday!