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Five Steps on How to Manage Dry Skin and Eczema in Colder Weather

Summer has officially ended and temperatures are dropping. Colder weather and lower humidity lead to dry skin, which means it is important to moisturize your skin. Winters can be particularly challenging for those with eczema. Dry skin could cause more itching. LEMYKA is here to share with you a few tips on how to manage dry skin and eczema flare-ups during the fall and winter seasons.

  1. Cover up dry skin with warm clothes: Exposing dry, itchy, or rashy skin to cold wind may cause more discomfort. The best way is to dress according to the weather, consider adding a pair of mittens and wearing a warm hat keep the cold air off your sensitive skin. The type of fabric can make a big difference. Soft cotton is a great choice. Avoid wool and rough fabric as they can easily irritate sensitive areas and cause more scratching. If you have a favorite wool sweater that you love to wear, simply add a cotton layer underneath.

  2. Protect your neck: Our neck is a sensitive part of the body and is often exposed to harsh wind and weather. Using a soft scarf or wearing a turtle neck could help avoid dry skin.

  3. Use a humidifier: Humidifiers are great to have. They maintain moisture while you are inside. Leave it on at night and wake up with soft moisturized skin.

  4. Get some Vitamin D: Although it is cooler outside, it is always nice to get yourself some natural sunlight. Vitamin D intake is shown to link to eczema severity. Your skin creates vitamin D while under the sun. Studies have shown that 20 minutes twice a week in the sun will produce the Vitamin D your body needs! For those with eczema, additional vitamin D intake may lessen eczema symptoms.

  5. Keep your favorite moisturizers handy: Winter days call for extra skin moisturization. Skin hydration is the first line of management for eczema. Apply a moisturizer frequently throughout the day and keep your skin hydrated will help you get through the cold weather and minimize eczema flare-ups.

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