Whether you have chronic aches, muscle strains, or other injuries, LEMYKA Pain Relieving Comfort cream will help to relieve discomfort and minimize stiffness and soreness.


Concentrated with menthol, organic aloe vera, and ginger extract, this easy-to-use, triple-action therapy cream calms inflammation, improves blood circulation, and heals damaged tissues.


Breastfeeding moms are constantly carrying the baby and bending their necks, which could lead to neck pain, shoulder pain and backpain. Keep LEMYKA comfort cream close by and apply it throughout the day without worrying about any potential side effects. It will help moms go through the day with ease so they can focus on more important things in life.


Perfected by athletes and preferred by physical therapists, LEMYKA Comfort Cream offers effective pain relief to many issues including muscles injuries, painful joints, and arthritis.

It is 100% hemp seeds and CBD FREE.




Pain Relief Comfort Cream | Triple-action Therapy | LEMYKA


A THERAPY CREAM with CONCENTRATED Plant Extracts: A Triple-Action Cream from LEMYKA, rub onto the sore muscle to relieve discomfort from painful injury, strained muscles, backaches, lower back pain, arthritis or arthritic flareups. 

POWERFUL trio: MENTHOL, ALOE VERA and GINGER EXTRACT– HEALS injuries, COOLS inflamation, ENHANCES blood circulation. FOCUS on tissue damage, shoulder pain, swollen joints, stiffness in hands, neck, legs feet.

PERFECTED by customers' feedback: Offers long-lasting effects throughout the day. Alleviates soreness from sport Injuries, chronic pain.

Natural alternative pain relief: FREE of parabens, fragrances, steroids, and any other harsh chemicals.