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Why our pain relief cream?

Whether you have chronic aches, muscle strains, or other injuries, LEMYKA pain relieving comfort cream will help to relieve discomfort and minimize stiffness and soreness. This cream is perfected with input from athletes and preferred by physical therapists. The LEMYKA comfort cream offers effective pain relief to many issues including muscle injuries, soft tissue injuries, painful joints, and arthritis.


Keep LEMYKA comfort cream close by and apply it throughout the day with peace of mind that our cream is harsh chemical-free and toxin-free. Go through the day with ease so you can focus on more important things in life.


Best for:

  • Sore back

  • Sports related injuries

  • Aching muscles


How does it work?

Concentrated with menthol, organic aloe vera, and ginger extract, this easy-to-use, triple-action therapy cream calms inflammation, improves blood circulation, and heals damaged tissues.


What we exclude?

  • Hemp seed

  • CBD

  • Steroids


Pair it up with:




Pain Relief Comfort Cream | Triple-action Therapy | LEMYKA


Apply generously on the painful area, gently massage in circular motion. Use it as needed throughout  the day

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