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Daily face care features our gentle foam cleanser, our best-selling healing lotion (great to skin hydration and after suncare!) and our UV-shield moisturizer.


Together these three products offer gentle cleansing, SPF 30+ broadspectrum UV protection and deep skin hydration for clarifying, smooth complexion.


Daily face care steps:


1. Gentle face cleansing with our foamy pH 5.5 facial cleanser using luke warm water. Gently massage face and rinse off with water.


2. Apply LEMYKA healing lotion on face.


3. Apply UV shield moisturizer last. Re-apply after every  2-3 hours if stay outdoor.


4. Face wash at bedtime using face cleanser.


5. Apply LEMYKA healing lotion for over night skin hydration.


Daily Face Care Bundle

$80.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price
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