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Harmful Effects of Phthalates

Why we do NOT use Phthalates in our products

Phthalates, a group of chemicals commonly used to make plastics more durable, have found their way into everyday products, including personal-care items like soaps, shampoos, and hair sprays. However, the widespread use of phthalates has raised concerns about their potential harmful effects on human health.


The most prominent concern about phthalates is the ability to disrupt the endocrine system. These chemicals interfere with the endocrine system, which plays a crucial role in regulating hormone production and distribution in the body. Phthalates can mimic natural hormones or alter hormone levels, leading to hormonal imbalances and potentially disrupting the body's delicate hormonal equilibrium.

Human exposure to phthalates occurs through various routes, including ingestion from food and drink that has come into contact with phthalate-containing products, inhalation of phthalate particles in the air, and dermal contact with personal-care items. Children, due to their hand-to-mouth behavior and greater exposure to phthalate particles in dust, are particularly vulnerable to these chemicals.

Research has linked chronic exposure to phthalates to several health issues:

  • Reproductive Issues: Phthalates have been associated with reduced fertility, impaired sperm quality, and disruptions in the female reproductive system. Pregnant women exposed to phthalates may face complications during pregnancy, affecting the success of conception and overall maternal health.

  • Child Development: Exposure to phthalates during pregnancy and early childhood can have lasting effects on child development. It has been linked to cognitive and behavioral issues, potentially impacting a child's learning abilities and emotional well-being.

  • Hormonal Imbalances: As endocrine disruptors, phthalates can lead to hormonal imbalances, which may contribute to various health problems, including metabolic disorders and obesity.

  • Respiratory and Allergic Reactions: Some studies suggest that phthalate exposure may exacerbate respiratory issues and increase the risk of developing allergies and asthma.

While some phthalates are short lived inside our bodies and quickly leave the body through urine, chronic exposure can still lead to long-term health effects, especially in vulnerable populations like children. Therefore, LEMYKA does not use phthalates in its products in order to ensure the safety of our customers and especially those who use on sensitive skin, baby’s skin, or those who are pregnant.


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