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Is being natural or organic enough?


"Natural" and/or "organic" are the "must have" in the cosmetic and skincare industry. While safety in cosmetics and skincare is important, here are some important facts that we want to point out.


Not all chemicals are synthetic.


Not all synthetic chemicals are toxic. 


Not all natural ingredients are compatible with skin, nor are they necessarily safe! Among the agents identified as human carcinogens by the International Agency for Research in Cancer, 62% occur naturally: 16 are natural chemicals, 11 are mixtures of natural chemicals, and 10 are infectious agents. Thus, the idea that something is natural, therefore it is “safe” is not correct.


Take apple cider as an example. It is highly acidic, and may lead to skin irritation or red rash, particularly for sensitive skin or those with existing skin conditions such as eczema. Therefore, although apple cider is natural, it may exacerbate existing skin issues.

Apple juice or other fruit juices are often used in skincare products.  While it sounds attractive, it also leads to great concerns. Fruit juice in general contains high levels of sugar, so not only do humans love it, but also do bacteria! Skincare products that contain fruit juice therefore need much higher levels of preservatives to keep the bacteria and/or fungus from growing out of control.  


What one needs to focus on is whether the particular ingredient used in cosmetics or skincare is safe for the body and whether it will truly benefit skin.


For a topical product, in order to benefit skin, it takes more than just safe and healthy ingredients. How the ingredients are formulated for topical use matters too! 


LEMYKA technical team has been working in the field of skin science for decades. Our products are optimized based on our stringent selection of ingredients as well as our innovative technologies. Our advanced formula are created based on LEMYKA's in-depth understanding of skin science.

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