Frequently asked questions


Who is LEMYKA designed for?

LEMYKA natural and organic skincare products are ideal for children of all ages, as well as for adults with common skin issues and/or with sensitive skin.

What are the key features of LEMYKA natural and organic skin care products?

LEMYKA steroid-free skincare products are based on your skin's biological and physical characteristics. We go through stringent ingredient selection processes and do not use any health concerning chemicals. Our products have gone through third party testing to ensure safety - they are heavy metal free, and harmful microbial free. ALL LEMYKA skincare products are safe for long term use. In summary, the key features of LEMYKA's natural skincare products are: - Made with highly functional, natural ingredients that are safe and pure - Gentle formulas that nourish, heal, and protect your skin - Restore skin barrier - Soothe and calm dry, cracked, itchy and irritated skin - Intensively hydrate skin and improve skin texture LEMYKA skincare products are: - Free of artificial fragrances - Free of artificial colors - Free of parabens - Free of sodium lauryl sulfate - Free of strong bases (NaOH, KOH) - Free of formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals - Free of Diethanolamine (DEA) or Triethanolamine (TEA)s

What skin types are LEMYKA products suitable for?

LEMYKA's natural and organic skin care products are particularly suitable for sensitive skin, troubled skin such as eczema, hand eczema, hives, dry skin, common dermatitis, cuts, burns, and common skin rashes. Those who live in dry areas and experience harsh cold winters will find LEMYKA skincare products extremely helpful. Long-term use of our products will result in healthy looking skin and noticeable improvement in skin texture.

How long do LEMYKA natural skin products last before spoilage?

AT LEMYKA, we avoid using any preservatives that may release toxins or lead to skin irritation, such as those that release formaldehyde. We minimize the use of preservatives, therefore proper storage of our products is important. LEMYKA natural and organic skincare products need to be stored in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. They are typically good for 12-24 months. Refrigeration may help to extend the life span of our products.

What are LEMYKA's return policies?

We stand 100% behind our products. We give our customers 30 days to try out our products. It is LEMYKA's mission to help to improve the quality of life for those suffer from eczema and chronic skin conditions. If you are dissatisfied, we are glad to take the product back and give you a refund. Please note that such policy is for first-time users unless your package did not arrive or was damaged during shipment. Details on how to return our products can be found on the Return Policies page.

Eczema related

How soon do I expect to see improvement after using LEMYKA eczema products?

Improvement is likely to show after 2 weeks of continuous use. Of course, everyone is different and may respond to our products differently. Some see encouraging results in just a day or so, others may take longer. For severe cases of eczema, improvements may take much longer. What we need to understand is that eczema is a chronic condition, and it takes time to repair damaged skin. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Steroids may act quickly, however itching often returns. Repeated use of steroids may lead to various side effects and is not recommended, especially for babies. We offer our customers 30days to try out our products. It is LEMYKA's mission to help those suffered from eczema. If we failed to get you there, we are glad to take the product back and give you a refund. Details on how to return our products can be found on the Return Policies page.

Does LEMYKA's steroid free eczema series work only on babies' eczema?

LEMYKA steroid-free natural eczema products offer natural itch relief and are primarily designed for babies and young children with eczema, however, these products also work well on teens and adults skin. They can be applied on babies with itchy face rash, itchy hands, itchy ears, itchy scalps, or itchy buttocks. They offer relief for dry and itchy skin due to atopic dermatitis, common skin rashes, hives or contact dermatitis.

How is LEMYKA's hydrating cream different from the common moisturizers on the market?

Common moisturizers on the market such as Aquaphil often contain high levels of petrolatum. This long chain hydrocarbon material has a waxy feel to it. People often ask why their skin is still dry after removing this thick greasy ointment. Eczema patients often have extremely dry skin and need an intensive moisturizer that will gradually and continuously replenish water to the skin. At LEMYKA, we understand skin science and created this hydrating cream that is a combination of three products: Intensive moisturizer, skin barrier cream and itch relief therapy cream. can provide this service. With daily applications, some may see a visible difference in their skin texture within 48 hrs. Others may take a little longer, depending how how severe the skin condition is.

Do I still need to use the Natural Hydrating Cream if I already have the Calming Cream?

LEMYKA fragrance-free natural eczema products include Natural Hydrating Cream, Flare Defense Calming Cream, Healing Lotion, Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Gentle Shampoo&Wash, and Gentle Body Lotion. These six products play different roles. The Natural Hydrating Cream focuses on replenishing water to skin and repairing skin barrier. While it relieves itching for newborns and infants, the Calming Cream is designed to focus on soothing itching and irritation. The Ultra Gentle Cleanser is a self-foaming daily cleanser that gently removes dirt and grease without causing irritation and dryness, effectively avoiding the eczema triggers. The LEMYKA gentle shampoo & wash is an ideal choice for cleansing hair and body without irritation or dryness. It is fragrance free, paraben free, and GMO free. LEMYKA Gentle Body Lotion is an all-purpose body lotion that gently moisturizes skin without leaving greasy residues. Although each product may be purchased individually, using certain combination of these products may lead to optimal outcome. Want to find out more? Simply email us, we will help you with your specific needs.

How does LEMYKA's Flare Defense Calming Cream work?

Eczema Flare Defense Calming Cream focuses on itch relief. This anti-itch cream is rich in potent anti-oxidants that help to reduce inflammation. It also contains natural fatty acids that replenish nutrients in our skin. This product should be used as needed at the area where itching occurs. It is more ideal for kids, teens, and adults. The hydrating cream should be used daily to moisten skin and gradually repair skin barrier. These two products work in synergy, and in many cases, we see best results when the two are used together.


LEMYKA's product do not contain steroids.  How are you different from steroid containing products?

Steroids may quickly reduce inflammation, however they cause skin atrophy and make the skin more prone to environment irritants, therefore lead to more flare ups, leave alone other potential side effects such as growth retardation. At LEMYKA, we put in special effort to make steroid-free products. Our objective is to restore skin barrier, soothe itching, and help our customers to minimize eczema flare ups. Once you start to see skin improvement, it is likely to stay.

Does the Eczema Flare Defense Calming Cream contain steroids?

LEMKA Natural Cream is 100% steroid free. Over 97% of its ingredients are of natural origin. This product is designed for kids, children, teens, and adults with eczema, skin rash, hives, and atopic dermatitis. It contains flavonoids and alkaloids, each of which possess anti-itching and anti-inflammatory functions. Although steroids may quickly relief itching, the symptoms are likely to return. Repeated use of steroids or long term use may lead to skin atrophy. As a result, your baby's skin will become more prone to irritants causing flare-up's to increase. Steroids are also associated with other side effects such as loss of bone density, skin irritation, or acne. In comparison, it takes about 2weeks of continuous use of LEMYKA's steroid-free calming cream to show skin improvement. However, such improvement is likely to stay. Furthermore, LEMYKA's natural calming cream is natural, safe and gentle to the delicate skin of babies.

Many "gentle skin care" products contain petrolatum. Why are LEMYKA products petrolatum free?

Petrolatum is commonly used in children eczema topical products. Studies show that petrolatum prevents trans-dermal water loss. This long chain hydrocarbon material simply acts as skin occlusion. However, it does not improve skin texture. Most eczema patients have very dry skin, because their skin is scratched, damaged and cannot retain water efficiently. Once the waxy petrolatum is removed, people often find their skin is still dry. LEMYKA's eczema product line functions very differently. LEMYKA's natural eczema creams help to replenish water to skin and over time our customers find their skin become softer and smoother. Furthermore, petrolatum is a petro-chemicals that might be contaminated with harmful chemicals including carcinogens.

Why are natural & organic skincare products preferred?

It has been estimated that over 10,000 chemicals are currently used in personal care products. Safety and long term toxicity of many of these chemicals are still not known. Furthermore there are chemicals known to be harmful to human body or known skin irritant. These chemicals should be avoided in any skincare products. There are increasing numbers of products on the market labeled "ORGANIC", which in reality contain such chemicals. Just because there are high percentage of the ingredients in these products are organic certified, it does not mean the product overall will not irritate skin. Customers should be aware of what kind of chemicals may cause problems to the skin and the body . We've listed some commonly used chemicals that we believe are unhealthy to our skin therefore exclude them from our products. There are still more to be evaluated. In addition, we are highly selective with the natural ingredients used in our skincare products to ensure that they are safe, effective and non-irritating to our skin and body.