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Top Secrets on how to manage heat rash

One afternoon red bumps start appearing on your baby’s skin…the dreaded heat rash is back. So what do you do to treat heat rash and what causes heat rash?

A heat rash starts when an area of your skin is “irritated because of sweat trapped in the pores and pathways.” When sweat is unable to leave your body, “a rash forms with tiny pimples or blisters.” Heat rashes are more common in humid climates and they develop on certain areas of your body where there is not enough airflow or is constricted such as your armpits (Cleveland Clinic).

So what exactly causes a heat rash? Usually heat rashes are caused when your body reacts to a clogged pathway also known as a duct underneath your skin. According to Cleveland Clinic, there are many factors that causes a clogged pathway such as:

  • Small pieces of dead skin cells

  • Too much sweat builds up

  • Hair follicles blocking the gland

  • Hormonal changes

  • Not enough airflow between your skin and clothing.

Frequently washing your skin to clean off dead skin buildup would be ideal. That is why the LEMYKA gentle face cleanser is an important part of daily skincare routines in order to clear skin buildup (SHOP Gentle Face Cleanser).

Practical tips on preventing a heat rash:

  1. Frequently cleanse your skin to remove sweat. Our Gentle Face Cleanser helps with removing excess sweat and grease that may clog your pores and cause a heat rash.

  2. Wear breathable clothing that allows airflow. Especially avoid clothing made of bad quality synthetic material.

  3. Keeping your skin cool and dry. Make sure to pat your face dry and use lightweight moisturizers like our LEMYKA Healing Lotion. Our healing lotion helps keep your skin cool and dry soon after application.

Heat rashes are common during the summer, especially in humid and hot climates, that is why you should be informed of how to prevent them and treat them when you have them or your family is faced with a heat rash breakout.


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