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Think You Have an Oat Allergy?

Do you notice red, itchy blotches, a runny nose, or a flushed face on your child after they consume a bowl of oats? They are likely to be sensitive or allergic to oats, or more specifically, a protein called avenin.

Oat is a cereal grain commonly consumed in oatmeal form or by itself mixed with other foods like nuts, fruits, cookies, and more. Be aware that your child may be allergic to something else that the oats were mixed in. Those who are experiencing sensitivity after eating oats may turn out to be allergic to something else instead like gluten. While gluten is not in oats, they are often exposed together when in processing facilities.


This specific allergy can appear in all ages from infant to adult but is not common. Mild to severe oat allergy symptoms include:

  • Blotches

  • Red, itchy skin

  • Runny or congested nose

  • Scratchy throat

  • Itchy eyes

  • Stomach pain

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Anaphylaxis


The best form of treatment for any allergy is to avoid the allergen as much as you can. When at the grocery store, check the ingredients list to identify any labels that you may be sensitive to. For those specifically with oat allergies, avoid foods like granola, oatmeal, oat milk, and any oatmeal skin care.

Today, there are many skincare brands that contain oats. Oats have proven benefits, like restoring moisture in the skin and reducing irritation, but it also limits those with oat sensitivities to applying and treating one's skin. LEMYKA is completely oat-free and suitable to use for all while providing worthwhile solutions to sensitive skin issues like dry and eczema-prone skin.

Soothe your baby’s oat allergy reaction as it appears with our Calming Cream and/or Healing Lotion. Both therapy creams are formulated with natural ingredients to hydrate, treat, and soothe the skin. The Healing Cream is ideal for those struggling with atopic dermatitis from the oats and provides rapid improvement. Include the Calming Cream to restore the skin’s healthy skin barrier and calm down the irritation.

Do you have other tips on soothing an oat allergy? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram @lemykaskincare! View all our products here to find the solution for your skin in mind.


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