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Finding Random Dry Patches on your Skin?

Although we are moisturizing everyday, especially during the winter weather, you are still finding dry patches on your body. Well here is the question, are you moisturizing all over your body? Are you using the right products that fits your skin condition and needs? Is moisturizing enough?

We tend to have super dry skin when temperatures drop due to the cold, crisp air, which means we need to hydrate our skin a little more than usual. We all know how annoying it is to touch our smooth skin and then all of a sudden feel a rough patch on our body. And we can't help but touch it or pick at it! Here are a few ways to prevent getting more dry patches this winter.

  • Find yourself a thick, moisturizing cream or lotion: It is important to use a super hydrating cream that works for your body and skin on a daily. It is highly suggested to moisturize your body twice a day or whenever your body feels like it needs it. If you already have a dry patch, it is best to maintain putting on the cream to smooth the rough patches.

  • Less bath time: As much as we love a good, relaxing bath after a long day, soaking our body in hot water can dry our skin more than we would like. Now we are not saying to completely stop taking baths, but maybe have a bath once in awhile and for not too long.

  • Avoid super hot showers: We love the feeling of hot shower hitting our skin but this can actually can be so bad for our skin. This can inflame your skin which causes redness, itchiness, itching and even peeling. If you already have a dry patch on your skin, this can even make your dry patch even worse and maybe lead to something worse than just a dry patch.

  • Get yourself a humidifier for your room: A humidifier has so many benefits for our body. It can help with the air we are breathing, opening up airways on our body, and add moisture to the air and body. The air is already super dry during the cold, but having a humidifier at your home can help with hydrating your body.

Using these tips can help say your dry patches "goodbye!" Try using these tips to keep your skin moisturized this winter. Make your holiday easier for yourself!

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